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How to create a notification for completed tasks in Planner with Microsoft Flow

The biggest problem is usually that you assign a task to someone else via Microsoft Planner and you don’t know when this task will end. In addition, most notifications only inform you that this has ended.

However, I wanted a notification containing the direct link to the completed task and the description. This means that additional information can be communicated in the description field. (The description field can be changed directly via the Planner Task or via Microsoft To-Do)

  1. I used the TaskComplete as a trigger.
  2. So that I also get the details of this task, I fetch this information with TaskDetails.
  3. Via Completer (Office 365 users -> Retrieve user profile) I get the email address of the person who completed the task.
  4. Here I repeat step 3, only with the “Value Created by User ID” to determine the creator of the task.
  5. In the last step, the notification email is created. The mail goes to the Creator and the Completer in the CC.

For the direct link to the task, you need the grid like in the picture (left) “” and directly behind the ID of the task.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with the new TaskComplete notification.

Addition: Here you can find your grid for your organization.

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