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Power Apps change the app owner with PowerAutomate

In the post of 2020-12-09 I showed the video of Shane Young, where it is shown how to change the AppOwner using PowerShell. However, there is another, perhaps even easier way to change the AppOwner. Using PowerAutomate.

Why should I change the owner of the app, which is the creator? One of the reasons that comes to mind is that the person has left the company, or you want to transfer all apps to one account.

Here is the short tutorial on how to change the AppOwner of PowerApps using PowerAutomate.

Here you can see the simple structure of a flow, which is triggered manually.

Next, the new AppOwner is searched for in the action “Search for user”. Make sure that this is unique and that only one user is found.

Then use the action “Set App Owner” and fill in the fields. Under Environment Name you can get the ID from the URL above. (2. on the picture below) The same applies to the PowerApp name. Just insert the App ID here. (1. on the picture below)

Finally insert the ID that comes from the action “Seach for user” and the AppOwner will be changed. (if you have the permissions)


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