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A PowerAddict PowerPlatform Gift 4 you


When I started my powerplatform journey, I was missing an environment where I could test and develop. In the beginning I used the default solution from my employer and since I was the only one in the whole organization using powerplatform in 2018/2019, this worked out fine. But one day I wanted to use everything not only for business but also for my private life and of course I was missing the right domain / platform. In the meantime I use the powerplatform developer plan from #microsoft because it allows me to try, test and use things independent of my employer (who might change someday). I would like to give you this opportunity as well, because I know how you feel without such a platform.

Here ( you can create your own private powerplatform account and start your own development environment after a few moments. Important: the entire thing is free for you and unlimited (usable within the development plan).

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