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How to easily create a dynamic contact card in a few minutes and retrieve it with PowerAutomate

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Some time ago I started to work more intensively with HTTP requests and thought, you must be able to do more things with it. After watching this Video ‘Deliver documents, collect payments and communicate with customers all with Microsoft Power Automate from Paulie M‘ I had the idea to build my own dynamic contact card.

You can access my personal contact card here:

But what exactly happens in the background?

    1. PowerPoint for the layout and save as HTML file.
      – Personally, I have created a layout via design suggestions in PowerPoint. (To do this, simply put all content including links on the slide and then the design suggestions come).
      – Save the best design as a pptx-file.
      – The pptx-file simply online into a html-file convert (search for ‘pptx in html convert’)
      – save this file in OneDrive (you can use any cloud storage here)

    2. Create a Cloud Flow
      – Trigger: ‘When a HTTP request is received’  and choose the metode ‘get’ – (you will get the URL to trigger this flow after saving)
      – use the action ‘Get file content’ and select the saved html-file
      – insert the ‘response’ action and return the html-file content
      (Header: “content-type”: “text/html”)

It’s that simple. You did it.

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