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Optimize Teams-Specific Filtering for Improved App Management within a Centralized PowerApps

By default, you do not get information about which team the app was published to or where it is running.

Now, if you need to publish an app to multiple teams and display team-specific content, as well as manage and customize the app from one location, you need a Plan B.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Use the app URL, add the team ID as a parameter, and read it later in the app (this app will then be added as a tab to a web page).
  2. Use a powerapps with teams input (follow the instructions below).
  1. Open the PowerApps maker portal in Teams (PowerPlatformTip 13)
  2. Download a created PowerApp from your Teams-PowerPlatform environment, or use this template
  3. Open the template app in the environment where you want to save your productive app
  4. Edit and save/publish the app as usual. You can access the integrated Teams connection and filter/retrieve/save data based on the Teams ID.
  5. Go to your productive environment and click ‘Add to Teams’ to add the app to a team.
  6. Repeat step 5 for each team that needs the app.

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