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Upgrade Your Forms Experience: See Why This PowerApps and Power Automate Solution is the Ultimate MS Forms Alternative!

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I’m delighted to present the MVP0 of our innovative project, which you can download here. (You can find the setup instructions for this there as well.)

The  While I’ve thoroughly tested it and resolved significant concerns, I kindly ask for your understanding if you encounter any bugs. Rest assured, ongoing improvements, adjustments, and expansions are in progress.

Your thoughts, potential use cases, and suggestions for adaptation are invaluable to me. Your feedback will play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the project.

I’d like to mention that the videos by Paul Murana were a significant inspiration for this project and the PowerAutomate Flows.

Furthermore, the fantastic Power Apps Design Toolkit from Robin Rosengrün  and Luise Freese has been a tremendous help in creating the app (I know the appearance may still need some polishing).

Thank you for your incredible work!

The problem

In many situations, collecting data from numerous individuals is essential, but existing tools may not always be ideal. Microsoft Forms, a popular choice, has its limitations.

The main issue with MS Forms:

  • Only company members can be tracked and submit files.
  • The form design requires careful consideration, and fields can’t be determined arbitrarily.

The solution

I’ve developed an engaging and user-friendly PowerApps app for gathering information, addressing these limitations.

The advantages of my data collection approach include:

  • Displaying responses from individuals across all forms with a single filter.
  • Identifying respondents and organizing their answers efficiently.
  • Enabling file submission for all users, not just those with login access.
  • Customizing forms to match your company’s branding for a consistent appearance.

To implement these features, you’ll need either Power Automate Premium or Logic Apps, which offer the necessary functionality for an enhanced data collection experience.

In conclusion:
This PowerApps app provides a more engaging and user-friendly method for collecting information from respondents, outperforming the restrictions of Microsoft Forms. By allowing customization that aligns with your company’s branding and utilizing Power Automate Premium or Logic Apps, you can optimize the data collection process while delivering an improved experience for all users involved.


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