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PowerPlatformTip 39 – ‘FetchXML’

Have you heard of Fetchxml for Dataverse queries in Power Automate?🤖

Fetchxml is a 🚀powerful query language for complex Dataverse queries, and with the ModelDrivenApp or DataVerse Views, you can create it quickly!🛠️

One of the key advantages of Fetchxml is its ability to fetch data from related tables simultaneously. This means you can obtain information from multiple tables in a single query, eliminating the need for additional queries in your flow to access data from other tables. 

🌟Example: For data filtering, such as records older than a certain date or created by a specific user, use Fetchxml for targeted searches. Create the query, export the Fetchxml, and use it in Power Automate for efficient data processing!

💼 Later, you can dynamically adjust the FetchXML in Power Automate as needed.

If you want to see the overview above all #PowerPlatformTip – click here


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