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PowerPlatformTip 52 – ‘DV4T: Budget-Friendly Choice’

🔥 When building Power Apps and Power Automate solutions, choosing the right data storage is crucial. If you’re looking to avoid premium licensing costs but still want a robust option, consider using Dataverse for Teams instead of SharePoint.

Here’s why:

1️⃣ Integration: Dataverse for Teams is built directly into Microsoft Teams, offering seamless integration and enhanced collaboration with your team.

2️⃣ Relational data: Unlike SharePoint, Dataverse for Teams is a relational database, allowing you to create and manage relationships between tables more efficiently.

3️⃣ Performance: Dataverse for Teams typically delivers better performance than SharePoint, especially when working with large data sets.

4️⃣ Data types: Dataverse for Teams supports a wider variety of data types, making it more versatile for a range of applications.

5️⃣ Security: You can easily manage data access and security with Dataverse for Teams, providing fine-grained control over who can view or edit your data.

6️⃣ Upgrade Path: Dataverse for Teams can be upgraded to Dataverse, allowing for a smooth transition if needed in the future.

7️⃣ Fewer Delegation Issues: Dataverse for Teams helps you avoid common delegation problems when working with Power Apps, resulting in a more efficient app experience.

8️⃣ Customized Key Columns: Dataverse for Teams allows you to use customized key columns, providing more flexibility in data management.

9️⃣ Automated Data Integration: With Dataverse for Teams, you can automatically import data from various sources using Dataflows, while simultaneously creating necessary tables.

So, if you’re looking to create powerful Power Apps and Power Automate solutions without premium costs, Dataverse for Teams could be the perfect choice! 💡

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