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PowerPlatformTip 55 – ‘Picking colors’

We all know how vital it is to maintain a consistent corporate design in our PowerApps. 📱 This especially rings true for colors! 🌈

You might wonder, how do you quickly get those colors from a webpage? The answer lies in Edge’s developer tools. Here’s a quick tip! 💡

1️⃣ Open up the webpage in Edge.
2️⃣ Right-click, select ‘Inspect Element’.
3️⃣ Go to ‘CSS Overview’.
4️⃣ You will see all the relevant data concerning the colors, fonts, and font sizes used on the website. 🎨🔤

Copy these details and paste them in your Template PowerApps as I explained in PowerPlatformTip #50. Voila, your app is now in line with your website colors! 📲🌈

Remember, consistency is key for a strong brand identity. Make your PowerApp not only functional but also visually pleasing! 😍👍

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