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How to dynamically show the user all available topics in the PVA within 3 steps

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Chatbots are a great thing for departments and businesses and, yes also for communicating with customers.

However, the problem is often that the users do not know what the chatbot can help with. Especially when new topics are added, it quickly becomes confusing.

For this I want to show you a simple trick how you can make all your topics automatically and dynamically available to the user without having to keep a list.

  1. Step: Topic ‘Greetings’
  2. Step: Add a ‘Call an action’
  3. Step: Change the outputtext and topic descriptions

1. Step: Open the topic ‘Greetings’

2. Step: Add a ‘Call an action’

Add a ‘Call an action’ right after the trigger phrases and create a new flow.

As trigger, we use Power Virtual Agents and pass an input (UserName – which we can see in the flow).
First, we initialize a string variable, which we need later for the output.

You can copy the scope (‘Get Topics and return’) from my GitHub and paste it with CTRL+V into ‘My clipboard’ to use it.

In the Compose named ‘FilterTag’ you can define a value, which you want to use later for filtering. (where and what you will find out later)
now we retrieve all topics from the entity (filtered of course) and process them further so it can be used as output from the flow.

3. Step: Change the outputtext and topic descriptions

Just change the greeting text and add them with the flow response.

Now we go into each topic which we want to make available to the user and add our description under ‘Details’ with the ‘FilterTag’ defined in the flow at the beginning of the description.

Now save everything and we have done it.

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